Live Sound Projects

The Ohio Light Opera

     During the summer of 2018, I worked as an Assistant Sound Designer at the Ohio Light Opera. This is a repertory theater and during this summer season, we designed and ran 7 different productions over a 3 month period. I was working with one other assistant and one lead Sound Designer. It was our job to design and install the sound system, install the coms, and to design and mix the shows.

     We split up the duties and the shows that we designed and mixed. The Sound Designer created the first three shows and the assistants created the last four, two each. However, the 4th production, Candide, was such a large show that both of us needed to co-design and run it. Normally, we would mix the show while also being the cue operator but this one was so intricate that we needed a separate operator for each job. Overall, I mixed 5 of the 7 productions, co-designed two of them, and solo designed one of them. 

Systems Design Team for A Midsummer Night's Dream

     I was on a team of people who designed the system for MTU's run of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. This production was performed for three nights in a proscenium theater to an audience of 400-500 patrons. The system contained a total of 44 speakers; 28 for audio playback and vocal reinforcement, and 16 for reverb. The 21 actors had individual lav microphones, but we had to split up who had the receivers since we only had access to 16 of them. The entire system was created to the specifications of the Sound Designer.

Haunted Mine Tour at the Quincy Mine

     I helped create a haunted mine tour with three other people at the Quincy Mine in Hancock, MI. The team was split into two groups: the Sound Design team and the System Design Team. I helped create the system in the mine. It consisted of 9 speakers for playing content, and 4 microphones to hear where the tour groups were so the board OP would know when to fire the cues. We had four days for install, testing, and rehearsals with the actors. Now one of the biggest challenges of installing a sound system in a mine is the water. There is water everywhere; dripping from the ceiling, flowing along the side of the mine, collecting in puddles. We had to plastic-wrap each speaker and elevate them so they weren't sitting in puddles. That was the most time-consuming part of the install. The other major time-consuming part was the cable runs. We had just over 2000ft of just speaker cable to run for 9 speakers. That's not including the mic cable runs, which we had to use network cable for due to their length.

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