Mix Factory One Studios


     As an intern, I would assist the recording engineer with anything that they or the client needed. I was given the task of prepping the studios before each session to make sure all settings were correct for the equipment they had. When producers and other clients would come in, they would change routing and other settings in Pro Tools which would cause for endless troubleshooting during sessions if I wasn't there to reset the settings. Also, one of the recording engineers taught me how to run a rap/hip hop session from start to finish. 

Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare


     For this production, I chose to be a part of the RF Crew. One of the main responsibilities we had was to mic up the actors before each show. We would have to prep the actor with alcohol wipes before taping on the lavalier mic. Throughout the show we would monitor the wireless packs to make sure they had enough battery and signal.


Silent Sky by Lauren Gunderson

     For this production, I was Co-Properties Master and Run Crew. My main responsibilities for Co-Properties Master were to create star plates, boxes to store the plates, and a period-correct hearing aid. During the show, Henrietta Leavitt would drop a star plate which is scripted to shatter into pieces. To achieve this effect, I pre-broke a plexiglass star plate and would sparsely glue it together every day before the show to where it would break upon hitting the ground. I have a background in carpentry so I fit this position nicely.

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