Fabrication Process

First, I start out with new, never-filled propane tanks and draw a line on the top and bottom. These will be the lines I follow for when I cut out the center section of the tanks.

I then remove the handles and valves.

Next, I cut off part of the valve and use it as a guide for cutting out the sound hole on the bottom.

Then comes the grinding. Lots and LOTS of grinding. It takes about 40 min of grinding per side to clean it entirely.

Now it's off to the wooden jig to hold it for cutting. 

I spray the inside with black paint that's resistant up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit so it won't burn off when I go to weld it together.

Aaaaaaaand weld.

It doesn't really matter what the outside of the weld looks like. As long as it has penetrated enough, it will look good because I grind it all down.

And then do a finishing grind.

Laying out the notes comes next. I make templates based on a formula that determines the surface area of the note. These are three scales that work very well with each other.

Then I cut out the notes and tune them.

And a final sanding to finish them all off.

And for the finishing touches, I add the letter of each note to the tabs and spray on a clear coat.

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