Chris Wilson

Audio Engineer, Musician, Composer,  Sound Designer


Ever since a young age, I've been interested in music. It all started from learning piano and this is where I started developing an ear for music. There's a different perspective that musicians bring to the audio engineering world because of the different ways they relate sound to music. This is what I learned after going through the Sound Design program at Michigan Tech. I genuinely enjoy making music sound the best it can, whether that's playing an instrument or "playing" a mixing board. But all music does not necessarily imply instruments or mixing. Music can be the ebbs and flows of a dramatic theater production or a short film. It can be the laughter of an audience after a well-timed joke from a comedian or the wonder and awe of a child after witnessing a spectacular performance from an entertainer. All of it, I consider to be music and all of it is my passion.

Welcome to my website.

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